Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Finally~ Mom must have a good morning since she finally updated our blogs. We have a lot of thinsg to catch up on. It's been almost a year since I updated something! Well, where should I start? I am finally in my 4th grade, I got bumped up to different Math class(coz I'm doing good!!)Oh, we are riding a bus this year(only!)since our school is in renovation. I wanted to join the Choir but Mom thought the timing is not good since I have to wait for the bus in the Library and it will complicate my brother's pick up time + Mom won't drive me all the way to the library during snow!( well, It's dangerous.)I don't really know why they wouldn't just pick us kids up at home, I don't think there's a lot of kids in the choir!!!.

Last July, we went to Tennessee & went camping. My grandmother Kathy came with us and help us. Also I caught a fish 3x(!) but I had to let it go since it was all small blue gills.. Camping was fun, Dad and me were fishing a lot and I just get excited when I catch something!

It was our first time as family thatw ent to the camp ground. We liked it a lot in that area. I just wished they had a better restroom though but that would ruin the idea of camping in the nature huh? We had some hotdogs, baked beans, sandwiches for dinner we also roast some marshmallow. I think it was just me My dad and my grandmother who ate smores coz my mom and sibling went to the tent and feel asleep after our day @ the Lake!

Uncle Clyde, Scott & Rachel came down with their boat and they took us somewhere nice. Me and Scott had fun jumping and diving. Elena had fun swimming too as so as everybody else but Ethan. I think he was a bit scared of deep water. I had a life jacket on so it helped me a lot!

We went to Florida to see uncle Bruce and we went to the beach and also we went Deep Sea Fishing. I have to admit, I got sick on the boat and my mom and I just sat around doing nothing. I don't think me & my mom will go back deep fishing again! However, we had fun at the beach though.Florida is nice but I like my school here and I have my friends here, so I don't want to move to Florida..

What else? Hmmn, well we always take Elena to her Ballet class every Saturday. It was fun seeing her dance . She is growing and sometimes mean, but I love her!

Sometimes me and my brother makes her mad in purpose and she will start yelling at us, it was hilarious!

Anyway, I have to jump in the shower and get ready for school, so you all have a nice day & thanks for dropping by!